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About Us

The Asociación de Traductores Profesionales del Perú – ATPP (Peruvian Association of Professional Translators) was founded on April 22, 1992 in Lima, Peru by a select group of professional translators and interpreters. The purpose was to institutionally strengthen the translation and interpreting profession in order to benefit translators and interpreters alike, as well as users of translation and interpretation services.

Nearly four years after its foundation, the ATPP participated in the procedures for the creation of the Colegio de Traductores del Perú - CTP (Peruvian Translators Association). A member of the ATPP prepared a draft bill which was later submitted to the Congress of the Republic by a committee made up of three ATPP members.

Over the years, the ranks of the ATPP have increased as a growing number of professional translators and interpreters identified with the Association’s mission and Code of Ethics, which stands as a bastion of excellence in the practice of the profession.

What sets the Association apart is the variety of language pairs in which its members work, ranging from Quechua and Bulgarian to other languages such as English, French, Portuguese, German, Russian and, of course, Spanish, as well as its rigorous admission process for new members.