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Chanel 2018/19 Métier d’Art Show Walks Like an Egyptian
later. There are a few words in colloquial Egyptian script from about 10 BC, or five years after the Temple was finished. Some Coptic Greek inscriptions date from 400 CE (or AD), when
Replica Handbags the Temple was briefly used as a Greek church. Lastly, names of travelers or tourists were chiseled into walls in the 1800s. Look carefully and you should find “Leonardo 1820” among others. Whether the Temple’s graffiti actually inspired Karl, we cannot say with certainty, but it is apropo. It also is reminiscent of Chanel’s Spring 2015 “protest” collection. As seen in the pictures above, some fabrications appear to be exotic skin. They are not. Chanel recently announced it would no longer use exotics. (Read Chanel Bans Exotics) Reaction to the show has been mixed. Some of the fashions may be difficult to wear or translate into real life. The gold is quite golden and hardly subtle. Few are likely to gild their legs. On the other hand, the fabrics and adornments appear beautiful. There also are concerns about cultural appropriation and not havin